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Painstakingly designed to bring together cutting edge technology, world-class design, and unparalleled quality standards, the E-GO Vape delivers style and satisfaction, helping you feel your best, no matter what.


User Instructions


The E-GO Vape comes pre-charged, so you can enjoy it right out of the box.


Without buttons or switches, simply put the E-GO Vape to your lips and inhale gently. The vaporization process happens automatically.

The button-less operation ensures minimal effort and prevents the risk of accidental overheating common to traditional vaporizers.

  1. Unpack your device

  2. Insert the E-GO Pod

  3. Inhale and enjoy!




The E-GO Vape comes pre-charged, but sooner or later you will need to recharge it. The front light indicator will blink ten times to indicate low battery. At this point you should plug in your E-GO Vape using the included charger cable or any compatible Micro USB cable into a USB charger outlet, portable charger, or even a device like your computer or laptop.

  1. Plug in

  2. Wait an hour

  3. Enjoy!


A full charge takes somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes to complete. When charging, the indicator light on the front of the device will light up and stay lit for the duration of the charging process.

The indicator light will turn off when the device is fully charged.



Change E-GO Pods with a snap:

  1. Take out the old E-GO Pod

  2. Simply insert the new E-GO Pod

  3. Enjoy!

Each E-GO Pod contains 1.2ml of our custom-formulated, nicotine salt- based liquid, along with the E-GO ceramic vaporizer. Once you’re done, you can simply take out the E-GO Pod and slip the new one in. Magnetic mounts in the E-GO Vape body and the E-GO Pod make sure that the pods snap securely in place.


The E-GO Vape is designed for your convenience and comfort.


Once you’ve snapped the new pod in, you’re good to go. The closed- loop assembly of the pod means you will never have to worry about pouring liquid, changing coils or making a mess.




This product contains nicotine and is thus subject to the same regulatory restrictions as tobacco and tobacco- derived products. Please consult your local laws and regulations about the minimum age of use of this product. As a general rule, we highly recommend that this product is not used by:


  • Under age individuals (please consult your local regulations and laws regarding tobacco product use)

  • Anyone with severe allergies, sensitivities, or pre-existing health conditions

  • Those who are pregnant or nursing

  • Non-smokers


Although using E-GO Vape is significantly less harmful to your health than inhaling cigarette smoke, the studies about the health effects of long-term effects of vaporizer use are yet to conclude.



The E-GO Vape vapour contains nicotine, a product derived from tobacco. Please avoid using the E-GO Vape if you’re:

  • Allergic to alcohol

  • Experiencing heart issues like heart disease, hypertension or high blood pressure

  • Have respiratory problems

  • Are pregnant or nursing

  • Experiencing any allergic reactions or discomfort after use


E-GO liquids are made from food-grade plant-based ingredients derived from the tobacco plant, fruits, spices and other plant-based substances. People with particular allergies may experience an allergic reaction or discomfort after use. If you experience any discomfort when using E-GO products, including allergic reactions, dizziness or light headedness, tightness in the chest or any other adverse effects, please stop using the product immediately.




Please store the E-GO Pods in a cool, dry, dark place with a temperature below 35°C (95°F) and above -10°C (14°F).


You may occasionally notice condensation appearing on the outside of the pod while using the product depending on temperature and humidity conditions. This is not a leak and can be wiped away.


Although not a cause for alarm, a small cracking sound may be heard now and then when inhaling. Simply shaking the pod lightly can get rid of this issue.

Low Air Pressure, High Altitude

When traveling, it is recommended you keep your E-GO Pods in a sealed package, away from other things, as the low pressure inside the aircraft may make it easier for the liquid to leak. If such a leak occurs, clean the pod with a cotton swab and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol and let dry before use. If you notice a persistent leak of liquid from the pod, please contact E-GO’s customer service immediately.

Do NOT Open or Disassemble

The E-GO Vape and E-GO Pods are designed to be as low-maintenance and easy-to-use as possible. They do not require disassembly. Please note that disassembly of the E-GO Vape or E-GO Pods voids the device and product warranty.

Keep out of reach of children

Please keep all E-GO products out of the reach of children. Though nicotine is toxic when consumed in excessively large quantities, it is advisable to exercise caution. If any part of the device or any amount of liquid is ingested directly, drink water to dilute the liquid and seek medical attention immediately. Upon physical contact, immediately rinse the affected area thoroughly with water.


Avoid eye and skin contact

Physical contact with or direct ingestion of nicotine-carry liquids can cause discomfort or irritation. If any liquid comes into contact with your eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly for several minutes and seek medical attention immediately. If liquid comes into contact with skin, rinse and dry the affected area as soon as possible.


Inhaling properly

Draw on the device mouthpiece gently in order to avoid inhaling large quantities of vapour or accidentally pulling up liquid. Always use the device in an upright or mostly- upright position. Avoid using the device while laying down as any inversion of the pod would result in the liquid level falling below the vaporizing component, thereby damaging the E-GO Pod.

When to replace E-GO Pod

E-GO Pods are designed to visibly show the amount of liquid left in the pod. Once exhausted, continued use will result in a ‘burnt’ smell. Please remove the pod when there is no more liquid left in it.


Failure to observe the following safety instructions during use may result in device overheating and could potentially cause fires, electric shock, injury or property damage. Please read and follow all safety instructions given below. The following warnings are based on UL1642 “Safety Standards (Lithium Batteries)” and GB31241 “Safety Requirements for Lithium Ion Batteries and Battery Packs for Portable Electronic Products”.



Please be careful when using or carrying the E-GO Vape. It is a consumer electronic product, containing metal, battery and sensitive electronics. If the device is dropped, burned, punctured, squeezed or exposed to liquids it may be damaged. If you suspect that the device or the device battery is damaged, cease use immediately and contact E-GO’s customer service.



The built-in Lithium-Ion battery is rechargeable and is not intended to be removed or replaced by the user. Please do not disassemble the device or remove the battery yourself. Removing the battery may cause electrical sparks, overheating and may result in fire, explosion or release of harmful substances. If you suspect the battery to be damaged please contact E-GO’s customer service immediately.

Avoid contact with high temperatures, do not incinerate

Do not place the device in proximity to direct sources of heat or in environments of high temperatures (above 60°C / 140°F). Contact with high temperatures will damage the battery which will cause malfunction and could result in fire, explosion or release of harmful substances. The lithium-ion battery will burn or explode if heated or incinerated.


Avoid electrical overload

The device and the lithium-ion battery within the device are designed to withstand charging current up to 500mA. Exposing the device to current exceeding this maximum may cause rapid heating of the battery and the device and could result in device overheating and possibly catching on fire.


Toxic exposure

Lithium-ion batteries contain caustic and toxic chemical compounds. If the battery is physically damaged or pierced, avoid contact with skin and eyes, and dispose of immediately. If eye or skin exposure has occurred to the matter contained within the battery, rinse the affected area thoroughly with water immediately and seek medical attention.

Avoid exposure to liquids

The E-GO devices are not waterproof and should not be made wet or exposed to liquids. Please do not soak or expose the device to significant amounts of any liquid, including water, sea water and beverages.

Battery maintenance during long-term storage

If you are not planning on using the device for a long time, it is recommended that you recharge the battery at least once every six months. If the battery is not recharged within six months it may start losing electrical capacity, degrading battery performance.

Do not use damaged devices

If you notice any abnormality in the appearance or function of your device, especially physical damage, deformation, battery bloating or leakage, please stop immediately and contact customer service.

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